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Who we are

Who We Are

A great blend of LED technology and current home and automotive lighting design, BriteLED introduces an incredible value to both markets. Offering a variety of driving, utility, and auxiliary LED lights for 12V automotive applications, BriteLED is a durable, reliable, and affordable choice. The same principles carry over to the home, where the strip lighting kits brighten interior spaces in an easy to use, install, and modify kit. The BriteLED line contains excellent value minded choices to illuminate, refresh, or modernize your home and vehicle.

Marklyn Group

Marklyn Group Inc

BriteLED™ is part of the Marklyn Group family of brands. We are an industry leader in the automotive market through brands such as Alpena™, White Light™, Masque™, AquaLitz™, Prostrobe™, WrapTech™, and Private Eyes™ Window Film. Our products cover a broad range spanning seat covers, steering wheel covers, interior organization & accessories, LED and halogen automotive lighting, style accessories, and tint film as well as professional quality strobe lighting.


We installed these lights under kitchen cabinets and they look great....we are now going to buy more for top of cabinets behind the crown molding... we have had lots of complements. My husband installed them so they could be plugged into the microwave outlet above the stove....all wires are totally

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